Event Channel


It’s the Digital Age! Do not limit the audience reach and monetization potential of your event!!!

Get your own Digital Event Access Channel – build a community around your event and get great returns on your advertising budget…


View234-as-a-Service is a web solution developed for event organizers and managers that provide them with their own centralized platform to engage with potential audience, activate ticket sales or event registration, as well as provide an avenue to engage with their audience and conveniently provide access to the event content and activities on-the-go!

View234-as-a-Service - Digital Event Access Channel

The seamless combination of these digital features is designed to enable event managers and organizers to be able to activate digital technology and trends to achieve the following:

  • – Optimize promotion and marketing budget
  • – Increase audience reach and direct engagement via digital access
  • – Measure campaign activities via analytics report
  • – Offer more value to sponsors and client brands via increased exposure on the access channel
  • – Earn more money via lesser commissions on ticket sales to other vendor platforms
  • – Save money on printables (e.g brochure, event programme etc) through digital content download integration
  • – Convert your audience to event promoters via social sharing integration
  • – Activate centralized live and social streaming

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Access PR support and discounted technical services. Activate ticket sales and registration from your own custom Digital Event Access Channel and increase your reach.

Activate a channel on View234.com or Your own event website within your budget and increase your revenue!

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