About View234

 #BeyoundTheRegular – View234 is an advocacy digital media and web solutions initiative developed to positively influence the common narrative through the use of media and technology tools.

As an innovative public relations and brand marketing service platform, our core objective is to provide centralized access to cost-effective digital services, trendy content, events and monetization opportunities.

Our Mission: to influence the average Nigerian youth narrative positively by leveraging digital technology and content development as a tool.

Our Team consists of a dynamic, skilled and creatively versatile network of Nigerian youths who are committed to adding tangible value and rendering quality service.

View234 Media is an initiative of Visionary Impact Netwox – a technology and  media social enterprise with specialized value offering in brand marketing, web solutions and digital strategy consultancy, all geared towards driving socio-economic empowerment of Nigerian youth and women through provision of support services.

What We Do:

At View234 Media, our services are cost effective and built around the culture of innovative and creative thinking, all geared towards value creation and sustainable impact for our target audience and beneficiaries.

Our range of services include:

Digital Event Management: Planning an event? With our unique proprietary web services, we can guarantee you an increased audience reach engagement and revenue generation opportunity.  Centralize your marketing activities and optimize your Return on Investment via our custom Digital Access Channels. Click to view our Social stream Demo and Custom Event Web Demo

Marketing & Advertising  Campaign Services: We are poised to design, activate and manage result-oriented marketing and advertising campaigns via traditional and digital means to guarantee target audience reach, awareness and engagement on behalf of our clients.

Digital & Creative Business Solutions: our creative and digital business solutions are tailored to the goals of our client’s brand or project. This we are able to achieve through our far-reaching network of creative, media and technology enthusiasts.

Public Relations & Brand Management: With our expertise in brand communications and management, we are positioned to help our clients with their brand perception and reputation management, while targeting their clearly identified target audience or market.

Content Licensing, Distribution & Management: In the current social economy, content is commodity and sharing is a form of currency. We aim to leverage existing digital distribution platforms to manage and increase content access and monetization potential for our licensed content creators or owners.

For further inquiries, PR support or to request our service proposal and rates, Call: +234-70-67550258 or chat with a member of our Client Relations Team for custom services or to schedule free 30minutes consultancy.